Water Care & Conditioning

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Bio balance
for processing of biomass decomposition products (ammonia, ammonium, urea, nitrites and phosphates)
for reducing nitrate concentration in aquarium water
Algaeclean PRO
New professional product for remove all type of lower algae
Mix of the natural minerals and bio-active components for shrimps
Clear water
conditioner for removal of murkiness of water
Clear water ultra
conditioner for removal of murkiness of water
for removal of excessive phosphate from aquarium water
for removal of ammonium compounds, chlorine and chloramines from aquarium water
to calm the fish scared by transport or cleaning
for neutralization of chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals in tap water
based on Pentadial, for removal of lower algae
Carbon active
high quality activated carbon granules for purification of aquarium water
Aqua start
for nitrification cycle in new aquarium
Fast start
for treating tap water before use in aquarium
Aqua balance
for stabilization of chemical composition and support of biological balance of aquarium water
for population control of unwanted snails and other invertebrates